Ctrl + Alt + Del, the future now

thirteen acres is located in a region with a rich agricultural history.
The dramatic changes in the country site of Heeswijk-Dinther (Noord-Brabant) were always the starting point for its exhibitions. The upcomming exhibition is planned on three locations. Separately but also in combination with each other, these three places tell, the social, economic and cultural history of these changes.

In the speed of million digital connections per milliseconds, the world around us seems in a need, to behold an overview, for a hard reset: Ctrl + Alt + Del.

With this combination on the keyboard, we restart our computer when the system jams. We reset. Nowadays we obviously need a cleaned up hard drive and take the irreparable outcome for granted. But what do we throw away? What should remain and what not? When is progress a step back and vice versa: what if a step back is progress?

The individual meaning of the words control, alternative and delete refer precisely to the momentum in villages in the province of Brabant anno 2015:

There’s a need for everything to be under control through planning, land consolidation, camera’s, registrations, neighborhood watch and so on. Top-down imposed by politicians and decided in boardrooms. However, in a period in which the government abstains reluctantly and preaches the “participation society” as a follow-up of the “welfare state”; everyone is expected to participate and show responsibility for our society.

Bottom-up small-scale alternatives are developed for, for example, agriculture, economy, communications, energy, housing, cohabitation and (religious) meaningfulness. As always it’s these precursors that focus on innovations to increase the quality of life for them and others.

Much is thrown away and demolished: old values, social structures, things that are in the way of new developments. This also applies to beautiful and valuable buildings that no longer had a function at the time of demolition. Buildings that, in retrospect, leave a void behind.

Ctrl + Alt + Del, the future now

How the village life will develop itself in the future is uncertain. Residents take responsibility and contribute to the quality of life in their villages. They seek for a different role, a different function. They are engaged and want to take the future in their own hands.

thirteen acres choose three “hot spots” in and around Heeswijk-Dinther to reflect these
developments. Locations that are irreversibly altered and prepare themselves for the
• center + shopping area (economics and consumerism)
• rural area (agriculture, food and recreation)
• spiritual area (Abbey of Berne)

The recent history of these three key locations reveals the rural, economic and spritual ‘landslide’ in traditional villages. In these places thirteen acres shows work of contemporary artists who reflect on the dynamics of society. Places, where changes
throughout history took place almost imperceptibly. The exhibition cuts through the village and its recent history.
Ctrl + Alt + Del, the future now is a discovery journey as such along the past, present and possible future. With temporary sculptural interventions, a precise choice and combination of existing and new site specific works, these shifts are accompanied by context and commented and analyzed.
With this exhibition thirteen acres shows the enormous change in the character of Heeswijk-Dinther and, as a model (pars pro toto), of village life in Brabant.
Key words that characterize this transition: repurposing, confusion, control drift, retrieval, secularization, growth, globalization, threats, anonymity, modernization, efficiency, destruction, structure, character change.

Dates and times

Opening: Saturday, May 23, 16:00 hr.
Period: May 23 t / m June 28, 2015
Thursday / Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 hours
For groups of education: Monday / Friday by appointment

Contact: info[at]dertienhectare.nl


Contact: publiciteit[at]dertienhectare.nl